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DIALux evo Course Certificate endorsed by DIALux

Professionalise your services in the lighting sector, use this powerful tool, learn the best methodology to carry out your projects, plan, calculate and visualise the results of your lighting designs.

Location: Hotel TRYP, Calle 49B Oeste, El Cangrejo, Panamá City

Dates: 16 and 17 August 2019

Schedule: 1st session 02:00pm to 07:00pm and 2nd session 09:00am to 02:00pm

Duración: - 10 hours course, 2 sessions of 5 hours - Course Requirement for Level 2

Capacity limited to 14 people

Certified Instructor DIALux evo: Engineer César Medrano Juárez


  • User Interface and Standards Configuration
  • Import CAD files and import an additional drawing
  • Create a simple construction
  • Build a roof, integrate windows and doors
  • Designing outdoor floor elements
  • Integrate 3D objects
  • Working with colors and textures on surfaces
  • Insert luminaires for indoor and outdoor use
  • Identify and insert photometric files
  • Calculation and analysis of results
  • Isolines and false colors visualization
  • Render project views
  • Usage profile by area
  • Maintenance Factor and Reflectance Analysis
  • Ceiling or false ceiling for indirect light
  • Useful plan, calculation area and work area
  • Generation and customization of project reports

Objective: the course attendee will develop skills for project planning and design, will learn a professional methodology using software tools taking into account the characteristics of the activity, users and spaces, also may establish a technical communication with your team to successfully carry out their projects.

Each attendee must have a laptop and mouse for personal use, having downloaded and installed the software DIALux evo from the manufacturer's website.

Registrants will receive support material and an official DIALux certificate with international validity.

In relation to the Professional Software DIALux world leader for the Calculation, Design and Visualization of Illumination Projects:

Software: with more than 700,000 users worldwide, available in 25 languages:

Luminaire manufacturing partners worldwide:

Certified Instructor:

Course Videos:

Note: this course does not deal with street lighting, we will soon launch a specialized course on the subject.

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