We are a group of companies generating integral solutions for lighting, automation and building management, supported mainly by European technology and operating in Latin America since 1999. Convinced of the need to achieve sustainable organizational growth that allows us to take advantage of new business opportunities, we are committed to continuously improve our performance.


To provide comprehensive services in project management, supply, consulting and installation of lighting systems and automation of last generation and technology, adapted to the needs of our customers.


We acquire this commitment with the vision of being recognized in Latin America as a LEADER GROUP in the realization of large lighting and automation projects and to be a reference as pioneers in the use of low environmental impact technologies.


  • º Honesty
  • º Professionalism
  • º Responsibility
  • º Reliability


  • º Assist and satisfy the needs of our clients and suppliers.
  • º Increase the number of clients and contracts.
  • º Offer new products and explore new markets.
  • º Comply with delivery deadlines.
  • º Optimize the operating utility and cost structure of our projects and create value for all people related to the organization.
  • º Guarantee the integral growth of our HUMAN TALENT
  • º Comply with the legal requirements demanded to our organization.
  • º Promote the image of the group of companies as a promoter of the efficient use of energy, the preservation of the environment and the application of vanguard technologies.

  • San Francisco, Panama City
  • East 70th Street, Building 37 - Plaza Level. Floor 1. Local 1.
  • T + 507-60612854