Our designs are developed taking into account the regulations that apply in each country, maintaining and ensuring the requirements of the project. Each study is carried out by areas according to their typology, taking into account the architectural space, finishes and technical aspects resulting from interfaces with other disciplines.

This allows us to make precise calculations for different environments, obtaining efficient lighting levels, generating visual comfort and ensuring optimal management of a building as an integrated system that is associated with the management of an information system whose complexity will often exceed the capacity of the people responsible for the project if they do not have the appropriate tools.

Members of the world-wide standard present in the 5 continents, for the control of houses and buildings, being more than 500 manufacturers with KNX products at the moment. The KNX system is not a protocol belonging to a specific manufacturer.

The protocol guarantees neutral product certification and communication between different manufacturers and applications.

The only tool for KNX programming is the ETS, independent of manufacturer. It can be used for any application or functionality, being able to make an integration based on the customer's need:

  • º Lighting control
  • º Control of blinds
  • º Air conditioning control
  • º Audiovisual control
  • º Energy measurement
  • º Audiovisual control
  • º Energy measurement
  • º Detection of technical alarms

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